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Episode 33

The creative comms formula that drives b2b sales 

with Grace Keeling & James Beveridge

This episode explores the business success that occurs when two areas of marketing combine and work together really well.  I interview Grace Keeling and James Beverage, co-founders of Made by Giants. Launching a B2B communications agency at the beginning of a pandemic may sound may sound like a tall order but for Made by Giants, […]

Episode 32

Gary Preston, CoverageBook take 2!

with Gary Preston

The day this podcast publishes (Tuesday 16th November 2021) CoverageBook 2 will launch. So, in this episode I catch up with the original founder of our PR tech; Gary Preston to share the details with our listeners first! We start with our journey; our agency pasts, and the measurement and reporting experiences that led to […]

Episode 31

How a PR infographic secured an NBA player a $64million deal

with Brian Wallace

In this episode I interview Brian Wallace Founder of NowSourcing, the top rated infographic agency in the United States. If you thought infographic content in PR had its day, think again. Brian and his team recently helped a NBA player secure a $64million deal by reshaping the way the US media thought about him, all […]

Episode 30

Meet the PR team increasing the influence of the UK’s biggest lifestyle media

with Effie Kanyua

Editorial influence is one of the most important elements of PR planning and research. But who is responsible for growing media readership? In this episode I interview Effie Kanyua, the Director of PR & Comms at publisher ‘Hearst UK’ which includes Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health and Women’s health. I find out […]

Episode 29

Ethics & doing the right thing in PR

with Anthony Hayes

In this episode I interview Anthony Hayes, founder of the Hayes Initiative, based in NYC. We discuss his experience of upholding ethics in public affairs PR, where responsibility lies in mis-information in the media and why following your heart in communications is so important. Hayes Initiative, a certified LGBTQ-owned and operated public affairs firm, was […]

Episode 28

The truth about news site traffic

with Andrew Smith

Understanding how people interact with media sites is essential in PR planning and measurement.  It has been an on-going challenge in Public Relations to understand the true volume of people arriving on news sites due to publishers’ secrecy on traffic figures. There was further focus on this topic recently, when UK news site, The Guardian […]

Episode 27

Who are you talking to?

with Alex Judd

Understanding your audience is the most important stage in developing PR strategy. It’s impossible to influence and change opinion without a full understanding of who you are talking to and how they feel. And with more data available than ever before, how do you begin that level of research? Step forward Alex Judd, Alex is […]

Episode 26

PR without borders (and offices!)

with Brendon Craigie

It’s January 2021 and most PR agencies are working with pandemic-led restrictions. However, no longer working in the same office doesn’t have to have a negative effect. In fact, one agency set this approach as their launch strategy and have never looked back. In this episode Stella interviews Brendon Craigie, the co-founder and managing partner […]

Episode 25

The FuturePRoof book series & diversity in PR

with Sarah Waddington

In this episode Stella interviews Sarah Waddington, founder and curator of the FuturePRoof book series and discusses the latest edition, ‘celebrating BME talent’. Stella and Sarah explore representation in Public Relations; from a team inclusivity perspective, the industry’s responsibility in truly understanding the public and the balance of responsibility between practitioners and publishers and social […]

Episode 23

Why PR needs a ‘crisis strategy’ right now

with Amanda Coleman

Part 2 of Understanding public feeling The second episode in our ‘public feeling’ mini-series, Stella Bayles interviews author and crisis communications expert, Amanda Coleman, on why understanding ‘how the public is feeling during a time of crisis’ is paramount to all PR strategy right now. With 20 years’ experience working in emergency services communication, Amanda […]

Episode 22

Understanding public feeling (part 1)

with Stephen Waddington

With huge adjustments in how we live and global events reaching us in real-time, there is constant change in public feeling. Whether it’s uncertainty, mistrust, frustration or comradery, understanding the way we, the public is feeling has never been so important in Public Relations. In this episode I speak to Stephen Waddington. Wadds is an […]

Episode 21

Share of voice or share of search?

with Russell McAthy

‘Share of voice’ is a term used to describe how a brand is being talked about against it’s competitors. Share of voice is worked out very differently in Public Relations in comparision to other areas of marketing. This is mainly down to earned, owned and paid media all having different data and what we’re allowed […]


Storytelling With Data

with Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

Public Relations professionals excel in storytelling. PR has a reputation for not using data as well as other marketing disciplines. So when Stella came across the wisdom of Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, author, founder & CEO of ‘storytelling with data’, she had to interview her on the PR Resolution Podcast. Cole is the author of the […]

Episode 19

How to sell in to news desks during a pandemic

with Katie Paine

The PR industry has had to adapt to a huge change recently. Not only have many comms strategies had to change, we’ve never had a news agenda like this. In this episode I’m joined by news experts from 72Point, part of SWNS Media Group which is an independent press agency working directly with major news-desks […]

Episode 18

Why FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) PR should be Amazon-ready

with Jim Hawker

Since the world went into lockdown, millions have turned to Amazon. The online retailer is due to release sales and profit figures on 30 April, however analysts have already forecast a sales increase of at least 22%. It’s been predicted that during the pandemic Amazon has experienced sales of $10,000 every second, day and night! […]

Episode 17

How PR should work with paid media

with Shanna Apitz

It’s 2020, integrated marketing is the norm, but could we be delivering better campaigns if we understood paid media better? In this episode I interview Shanna Apitz, the Executive Creative Director and head of innovation at Hunt Adkins, a paid media specialist agency in Minnesota. Having developed her career in the paid media space, Shanna […]

Episode 16

A simple guide to attribution

with Russell McAthy

In this episode I step out of Public Relations and interview an expert in marketing measurement; Russell McAthy. Russell has been helping businesses attribute success (often revenue) to various lines of marketing for years. Without his insight into customer behaviour, millions in marketing budgets are likely to have been misspent. The term ‘attribution’ has come […]

Episode 15

Should you be affiliate marketing in 2020?

with Rich Leigh & Will Roberts

We’ve seen a lot of development in comms techniques in 2019. However, one area of digital marketing I didn’t expect to hear in PR merging was affiliate marketing. That was until I interviewed Rich Leigh and Will Roberts at Radioactve Talent in December 2019. After that meeting, the marketing mix completely made sense! I went […]

Episode 14

PR measurement: Sentiment analysis explained

with Steph Bridgeman & Maya Koleva

Sentiment is a crucial part of measuring Public Relations. It’s the process of understanding if a brand is being described in a positive or negative light. But what if you’re in a crisis team and most of your clips are expected to be negative? Or you’re running a youth campaign and the social posts include […]

Episode 13

Tinder for cows

with Doug Bairner & Jon Lonsdale

In many cases, Public Relations objectives are often set by a marketing team with little involvement from the CEO. So what happens when a PR agency not only has access to the CEO but they come up with a PR campaign together? You get, Tinder for Cows! In this episode, I interview Doug Bairner, the […]