Episode 15

Should you be affiliate marketing in 2020?

with Rich Leigh & Will Roberts

About this episode

We’ve seen a lot of development in comms techniques in 2019. However, one area of digital marketing I didn’t expect to hear in PR merging was affiliate marketing.

That was until I interviewed Rich Leigh and Will Roberts at Radioactve Talent in December 2019. After that meeting, the marketing mix completely made sense!

I went to their office to find out how they’re bringing years of influencer and publisher knowledge from PR and merging it with Will’s expertise in online affiliate and revenue share deals.

If you haven’t heard of affiliates before, don’t worry. The guys explain exactly how the process works for agencies, brands and influencers.

Rich also also explains why, as a PR agency founder he is branching into this new growth area and why it’s making their current clients very happy.