Episode 23

Why PR needs a ‘crisis strategy’ right now

with Amanda Coleman

About this episode

Part 2 of Understanding public feeling

The second episode in our ‘public feeling’ mini-series, Stella Bayles interviews author and crisis communications expert, Amanda Coleman, on why understanding ‘how the public is feeling during a time of crisis’ is paramount to all PR strategy right now.

With 20 years’ experience working in emergency services communication, Amanda Coleman is the former Head of Corporate Communications for Greater Manchester Police in the United Kingdom. During that time, Amanda managed the public communications during significant crises including the Manchester Arena terrorist attack in 2017 and riots in 2011. Public feeling insights were key to build the stages of communication.

In this episode Stella and Amanda discuss;

  • Why exploring risk is the best crisis preparation  
  • Understanding how your communication is landing with the public during a crisis and post, in recovery 
  • Who should be responsible for crisis communications 

Crisis comms is now arguably the most important area of PR in 2020. Whether you have your plan in place or just beginning to explore, Amanda’s advice is gold-dust.