Episode 25

The FuturePRoof book series & diversity in PR

with Sarah Waddington

About this episode

In this episode Stella interviews Sarah Waddington, founder and curator of the FuturePRoof book series and discusses the latest edition, ‘celebrating BME talent’.

Stella and Sarah explore representation in Public Relations; from a team inclusivity perspective, the industry’s responsibility in truly understanding the public and the balance of responsibility between practitioners and publishers and social platforms.

As well as curating the FuturePRoof books, Sarah Waddington is managing director of Astute communications, an agency in the north of England. Sarah also led the CIPR’s gender policy for many years, improved social mobility within the UK PR industry and is now on the advisory board of The Blueprint, which is part of BME PR Pro mentoring scheme.

The discussion explores:

  • Diversity and representation in Public Relations
  • How organisations can attract, retain and nurture diverse talent
  • How PR can truly connect and relate to the public 
  • Ethics in communications & how much responsibility lies with practitioners vs. media and social platforms