Episode 21

Share of voice or share of search?

with Russell McAthy

About this episode

‘Share of voice’ is a term used to describe how a brand is being talked about against it’s competitors.

Share of voice is worked out very differently in Public Relations in comparision to other areas of marketing. This is mainly down to earned, owned and paid media all having different data and what we’re allowed access to.

At the end September 2020, Mark Ritson wrote an article for Marketing Week, which pitched why ‘share of search’ could be a better alternative measure of how popular a brand is among consumers.

When I read the article, it struck me as a more sensible integrated way of looking at marketing success. However, I needed the help an expert to learn more!

In this episode I interview marketing attribution expert, Russell McAthy, founder of Ringside to help us learn more.

We explore:

  • What ‘share of search’ is
  • How it considers consumer view over the brand marketing teams
  • How all marketing activity affects it
  • How PR teams can explore it

If you do PR for a brand that also has lots of owned and paid marketing activity, this episode is for you.