Episode 26

PR without borders (and offices!)

with Brendon Craigie

About this episode

It’s January 2021 and most PR agencies are working with pandemic-led restrictions. However, no longer working in the same office doesn’t have to have a negative effect. In fact, one agency set this approach as their launch strategy and have never looked back.

In this episode Stella interviews Brendon Craigie, the co-founder and managing partner of Tyto. A global PR agency that uniquely has a team working across multiple communications disciplines and international borders, without physical offices.

Brendon shares his experience in setting up and running a completely remote, global PR agency, not because of lockdown restrictions but because their ‘PR without borders’ strategy truly engages local markets and delivers they believe, the best possible results for clients. 

From team practicalities to VR client meetings, this may just be the PR agency structure of the future.

Stella and Brendon discuss:

  • The deeper audience understanding that’s possible when comms are led on the ground of the location you’re targeting
  • The danger of communications existing in an echo chamber
  • What technology and processes it takes for a completely remote global PR agency to work
  • How Tyto hired, manages and motivates a remote team of comms professionals

If you run a PR agency and are reviewing ways of working, this is the episode for you!