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Who else is bored with making brand logo wall images?

People are always weirdly impressed by brand logos. They love them. It’s why you put them on your website to show off who you work with.

PR teams list logos of the publications that have mentioned their clients. Salesy types stick them in presentations to say who they are speaking to.

But logo walls are a pain to make.

Last week in a company meeting I was asked….

“So who signed up to CoverageBook.com last month?”.

Well lots of people I said. Check this out!

And then proceeded to faff about & load up our CRM screen. A giant list of emails beamed into the room. Nobody got excited.

Logos on a slide would have been way better I thought.

But I really don’t have time to go hunting for the logos of hundreds of brands. And my team have way better things to be doing with their time.

But imagine if I did have the time.

Let’s get going. Copy the domain bit after the @ sign from the first customer’s email address. Fiddly. Do a Google image search for it. Copy, paste. Crop the logo. Go back to my list.

That’s 1. Only 480 more to go.

Doing this. Over & over again.

For hundreds of logos.

Really is not my idea of fun.

This should be way simpler. So we started to play.

And the team created a free tool called logowall.co where you can turn ugly URLs, email addresses or twitter handles into a cool logo wall image.

I’m excited. In version 1..

You can: Add website URLs from sites where you’ve been mentioned.
Add email addresses from recent customers or leads.
Add twitter handles of influencers that shared your stuff.

Go build your logo wall image. It’s Free.

Written by —
Gary Preston

Gary Preston

CEO & Founder of CoverageBook