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What’s new in the tool…

June 2019:

User admin. Remove users from your account.
You can now manage and remove users from your paid plan from within your account.

Bug fix. You can remove a custom metric you add to a clip
There was no way to do this before. Now you can edit & remove a custom metric label from a specific clip.

May 2019:

Bug fix. PDF import will now add pages in the correct order
Sometimes coverage that was uploaded as a PDF imported the pages in the wrong order. Meaning you had to manually sort them to fix. This is now fixed.

Add future publication dates to coverage.
You can now add future dates to coverage. Most useful when adding print media coverage and publication dates are in the future.

New “monthly visits” auto sort option.
You can now auto sort your coverage by an outlet’s monthly visits metric.

June 2018:

Bug fix. Social Shares of online coverage feature.
When you added online coverage and it came back with 0 social shares. We used to auto hide the social shares box in the total metrics summary. In retrospect we think this was the wrong approach. So we now show social shares even when they are 0.

1. It’s useful to know your coverage got 0 social shares! So why hide the box saying it’s 0?

2. What if your coverage got 0 shares. But then got shared over the next week? Up until this change today you were unable to ever see if your coverage went from 0 shares up to anything else. Because when you added it was 0. We hid the box. So you never get access to click on the refresh social shares button. Not good. But all fixed now.

April 2018:

Improved SEO PR data in our CSV export.
It’s now easier to assess the SEO impact of your online coverage. Our CSV export now includes backlink counts & which pages are linked to on the site you are promoting. Making it easier for you to assess inbound links from coverage to search visibility impact.

March 2018:

Twitter Share Count added as metric
We lost this metric a while back. Sad times. But now it’s back. Happy days.

Jan 2018:

Screengrab auto overlap optimisation.
People love our automated screen grabs. But not when an article spans multiple pages and the page break cuts just as your brand is mentioned! Rare but when it happens so so painful. We’ve been busy optimising this & now provide some overlap so we’ll never abruptly cut you out again.

June 2017:

New Feature: Import hyperlinks as online coverage.When you come to add online coverage to CoverageBook it can be a little frustrating as the input box does not accept Hyperlinks! Only full URLs. So we’ve built a tool to help you with this.

Bug fix: File_names with odd characters will-now!!()%just work!.png
Why is my offline coverage or file not uploading? Turns out when a filename you uploaded had a funny name. It broke us. Then got stuck loading. We’ve fixed this now.

New Feature: Replace Social Coverage Images with your own capture
Sometimes the automated image of social coverage in your PDF is broken. Now you can add your own images to social items just like you can elsewhere in the tool.

May 2017:

Full size image captures as “attachments” for sharing
Below every coverage summary image you’ll see a thumbnails representing an attachment. Each thumbnail now links through to a full size capture attachment of that page.

April 2017:

Chrome Toolbar update:
Replace broken images with your own custom Screen-grabsWe also know that sometimes our automated images are not quite right. So you can use our extension to load up a page, capture what you want — then easily replace a coverage image when editing your report.

Download the latest Coverage Clipper toolbar for Chrome here >

March 2017:

Quality of cropped images are way….way better now
So it turns out the “crop” feature is one of the most used areas of the tool. But the quality of the re-sized cropped images was to put it mildly. Pretty shit. So we’ve been working hard to fix this. And the changes are live from today. Was Blurry. Now Clear. ​

Dividers: Import all your slides, word docs or PDFs in one go
We know you want to import all your slides as divider pages. But we only allowed you to import one slide at a time. Which was a little painful. Sorry. Now you can import all your slides or every page of a PDF and we’ll create a new divider for each. e.g. Import 10 slides and we create 10 dividers. Yes!

Replace coverage image with multi-page PDFs.
You can now import a multi-page PDF, Word doc or Slides as a replacement coverage image. We’ll convert each page into a new page of coverage for you.

Bug Fix: Missing text in some PDFs
Some people have been experiencing missing text in PDFs when printing. Sorry. The issue is resolved now. Re-export your PDF to fix.

Bug Fix: Total Social Count not updated after refresh
We noticed some coverage reports were not showing the total count of social shares after a “refresh”. That’s all sorted now.

February 2017:

Image Service Speed
We’ve been beavering away upgrading the technical gubbins that deliver automated images. They are now delivered faster than ever. More reliably than ever.

January 2017:

Broken Screenshot? Swap it.
Not happy with a broken image? For new coverage you can swap the default automated screengrab with alternative images we try to get for you.

November 2016:

New Average DA metric to measure the impact of your SEO:PR work
We added Average DA (Domain Authority) into the main metric’s summary area.

More improvements to the “search” coverage view
You can now jump to edit coverage directly from this view. You can also see which items have been marked as “highlights”.

We’ve finally removed the horrible MP4 video image placeholder
If you ever exported your report into PDF and it included video content. We now capture a screenshot from your video.

Reset your choice of PDF report easily
Only include the first page of coverage. Or include all of it. Once you made the choice before it was hard to change your mind. Not anymore.

October 2016:

Make new books from searching your coverage archive
Now you can search & refine across all your coverage & build new books from the results. You don’t need to use any credits to build these books.

Social coverage now included We now embed social posts live within coverage reports (if you share them online of course). We support Facebook posts, Twitter (tweets & moments), Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo and Vine.

See this example book with live social posts >>

September 2016:

Search your coverage archive by date Now you can search your entire coverage archive in the “search” view. Filter it by date & other metrics. Great for reviewing PR performance

See Stella’s post on Six ways ‘search & refine coverage’ will make your PR life better

We added a search box to the the “search” view
Quickly find coverage you’ve added — then share it.

Image quality improvements
We’ve managed to block more types of pop up. And we’ve got better at auto cropping full-length screenshots to not include wasted bits/pages in your reports.

August 2016:

View ALL your coverage. Not just by Book.
See all your coverage in one simple table view. From here you can do new things like get a shareable online link for an individual piece of coverage. Great for when you want to share a few key pieces in an email. But not in a book.

Drag & Drop multiple pages
Sorting just got much easier. You can now drag & drop multiple pages. And use keyboard shortcuts like “cmd” (mac) or “ctrl” (windows) on your keyboard to select specific items to move.

July 2016:

Crop. Crop. Crop away.
You’ve been asking for this one for ages. If only you could crop the automated images we take for you. That would be amazing right. Now you can from inside the tool.

Longer front cover titles
You can now have more descriptive titles and we’ll magically change the font size for you.

Shinier than ever reports & interface
A few months ago we started a spring clean on the editing interface, report design & font choices throughout the tool. There are almost too many small changes to list here but we’re very pleased with the results.

June 2016:

New metric: Total Online Readership
We’ve always included the estimated monthly visits of the publication you’ve got coverage on. But we’ve never given you a total of that number to include in your total metrics area. We do now.

May 2016:

Image capture speed
Our automated image capture service got a fancy pants upgrade this month. It’s quick. Manual screen capture seems like a horrible distant memory.

April 2016:

Images in PDFs now Link
Screenshots of online images in PDFs now link through to the full version of the article. They didn’t before which was rubbish.

Highlight your “best bits”
Sometimes you want to put a little fancy frame around those pieces of coverage you’re most proud of. Now you can using the new highlight coverage feature. Readers of your report will see a special new highlights section at the top of the report. “Game changing” — was how one customer that got a peak described it.

Custom Vanity URLs to share reports online
They are your reports after all. Now when you share links to your reports online it will look that way.

New Customisable Summary Metrics
Your coverage report numbers have never looked so fancy. And you can now add your very own metrics. If that’s not enough our redesigned metric cards can be hidden. Yes hidden. Or you can hide the whole section if metrics are not important to you.

Front Cover can be hidden
Not every report needs a front cover. We get that. So now you can hide it. Great for those times where you just want to show off a handful of specific pieces of coverage.

March 2016:

Manually add Twitter share counts to a report
So we lost the ability to find twitter counts automatically. Boo. But we know some of you have your sources. So we’ve added a small feature to let you add twitter share counts back in. Just go to “edit metrics” on any coverage item.

Choose to share PDFs with only the first page of coverage
Only want the first page of coverage in your PDF? Now the choice is yours. Lovely stuff.

Support for Asian Font Characters in Automated Screenshots
For some bizarre reason we rendered these as blocks. Not very helpful. All sorted now.

Import a PDF / Word Doc with multiple pages as 1 piece of coverage
We’ll detect if the document you’re trying to import as multiple pages. Then give you a choice on how you want to deal with it.

You can now multi-add extra images/pages to existing coverage items
You could only do one at a time before. Which was a pain. All better now.

February 2016:

Export all our screenshots & images to Zip
Now you can export all the lovely screenshots we take for you to a Zip folder. Enjoy…

Refresh YouTube Stats
For all of you adding YouTube videos as coverage you can now refresh to get the latest views & engagement stats. Go to the “Update Social Metrics” button. Lovely stuff.

Sort by Publication Date.
We’ll now attempt to capture the publication date of any online coverage you add. It works well but you can fill in any blanks yourself if need be.

We’ve been busy scaling up our image capture service. In tests we collect images up to 4x faster than last month. We’ve also optimised page sizes in your books. You should feel pages faster to load and less jerky to browse. Can you feel it? Let us know.

January 2016:

Goodbye ad pop-ups spoiling your coverage screenshots
Cookie messages. Ad Pop-ups. They’ve been the bane of our automated screenshot feature for some time now. But we’re fighting back. Our latest upgrade significantly reduces the likelihood of your beautiful coverage being hidden behind a wall of adverts. We love this update.

Broadcast Video Coverage. We can do that. Now you can add your own video files as coverage. Just MP4s for now. And don’t forget you can already add YouTube video links as coverage.

No more duplicates
You’ve added that already. Is something that would be nice to be told. So we do now.

Hide offline metrics You can do this now.

December 15:

Removed annoying pagination from the online report
We’ve got a shiny new “infinite scrolly “ thing going on now. Much nicer. Even we got bored of clicking through to a new page when browsing online books.

Add your own Custom Metrics
We gave you a measly choice of 3 in a dropdown. Now you can add whatever labels you like. Listeners, Viewers. Or for the more adventurous. Leads, Revenue. Stuff like that.

Add Customizable Divider pages
You wanted to add in-depth commentary, status updates, images of your content and more. With our new divider import feature just import your ready formatted word doc, powerpoint slide, image or PDF and we’ll add it into your book. It works a treat. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

November 15:

We no longer force UPPERCASE on Page Titles
Lots of people didn’t like this. So we sorted it. You’re free to do what you like now. Sorry for shouting.

Our FAQ section is now searchable.
And you can rate our answers. Be honest. Ask away here.

Merge existing books into a new one.
At no cost of course. Perfect for annual reports, quarterly reports. And probably many other types of reports we’ve not even thought of. Surprise us. We love surprises.

Upload Multi-Page PDFs, Powerpoint Slides etc as offline coverage.
We used to only convert the first page. Which was a bit rubbish. All fixed now.

Duplicate an existing book.
What is says on the tin really.

We built a Chrome Toolbar Extension. Because we love you.
We’ve noticed many customers losing precious seconds pressing, select, copy, paste from their chrome address bar. These seconds add up. The add-on allows you to bookmark URLs as you go and then import them into a new or existing coverage book. No more select, copy, paste. repeat. You can download it here

Update your social stats.
A big one. You can now choose to update the social share counts for your coverage. Slightly miffed twitter decided to pull their data just as we launched this. Hey ho. Such is life. It still works like a dream for other networks.

Invite your Teammates to share your account We’ve also removed any restrictions to how many people you can use your plan. It’s unlimited. Don’t hog it to yourself.

Folders to organise your books:
We now automatically organise your coverage books into client folders. You can create new clients (folders) until your heart’s content.

Customise Text & Background Colours
Stefan our designer is just that little bit happier today. You can now customise the colour & fill of text blocks on the front cover.

We also now support logo uploads with transparent backgrounds. So you don’t have to have a white block around your logo anymore. Happy now Stef?

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Gary Preston

Gary Preston

CEO & Founder of CoverageBook