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What’s new in CoverageBook 2?


Since we launched the new platform in November we have been listening to your feedback and made multiple improvements and new features in CoverageBook.

You’re busy, we know you don’t have time to read about every single update. But for all the bigger changes that will make your life easier, we are adding them to this page as they happen.

The latest additions are at the top – It’s one place you can check back and circulate to your team.

Here’s the good stuff…

Clip cropping and image editing 

We had great feedback on highlighting mentions using our ‘image frame’ tool but you needed more edit options, so you can now crop clips to tidy your coverage in your reports. 

Clean coverage lines and never a double (media) header again. More info here.

Adding the same item of coverage more than once to a report 

There are many reasons you may need to do this. Sometimes you gain a new piece of coverage but its on the same URL as a previous piece. This is common in weekly ‘whats on’ or ‘what to watch’ calendar pages or ‘top 10’ roundup areas on sites. The page updates but the URL doesn’t. Now we have a solution in how you can showcase in your reports. Learn more here

Sharing coverage items across multiple clients 

If you need to showcase the same coverage item across different books and for different clients. You can now make a copy of a coverage item. Then change which bit of the image to highlight for that client. Learn how > 

Importing PDFs as extra coverage

You can now import multi-page PDFs to coverage items and we simply turn them into images. This is super useful when you get long PDF files from you monitoring service or an online readable magazine  for example. 

Easier to add Print/Audio/Video files 

When adding your own files as coverage you no longer have to apply outlet details if you don’t need this. You can just skip this step or do it later. We were forcing you to do this before on import which was clunky to say the least.

Coverage Vault Speed

The Coverage Vault (called Insights in old CB) is now much faster to use. It now also defaults to show the latest coverage added across your account. 

Chrome toolbar to fix CoverageBook screenshots & bookmark coverage

This is a big one!! We have a brand new image clipper tool as browser extension. It helps you fix image shots, take screen-grabs when you’re logged into paid-content sites, bookmark coverage and organise adding coverage in a super-simple way. Find out more and download here.

Your comments and notes now included your CSV export

If you make notes on your coverage clips in the comments section, this will now be included in all CSV downloads. This is super useful for coverage analysis. Remember CSVs are searchable too so using comments in clever ways to track additional KPIs (such as branded images) will help save you a lot of time when evaluating.

Best support role (of campaign images) 

If you have supporting campaign images, you can now add easily into sections (with just custom slides. No need to add coverage. Now you can showcase supporting activity simply alongside your coverage + metrics.

Copying books/making templates

You can now copy any book as a template. Reuse the same styles and settings on multiple projects.

Sort coverage by Domain Authroity

Does what it says on the tin. Order by highest (or lowest, if that’s your bag!) DA.

Stop the crazy big numbers being pulled in from certain sites

You may have noticed that we had been pulling unrealistic metrics for sites like Linkedin, SoundCloud and Reddit. Sorry about that – this was a bug that we’ve fixed. We hope to be able to pull actual metrics for these types of sites soon.

Add broadcast coverage

You can now upload MP4, MOV and WMV video files and we’ll embed the video in your report for you.

Audio coverage

We also handle MP3s now so add in your podcast, radio, voice notes, social audio mentions.

Custom Slides…go beyond the coverage

Go beyond just the coverage. Showcase activity, campaign images etc. Add custom slides to tell the full story of your work. This is great for pitch or objective reminders or graphs from your own evaluation.

Upload PDF files as coverage

When you’re looking to add coverage that’s already saved as a PDF. We’ll make it simple to get it into your report.