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What’s new in CoverageBook 2?


Since we launched the new platform in November we have made over 14 improvements to features in CoverageBook.

You’re busy, we know you don’t want to read about every single update. But for all the bigger changes that will make your life easier we will add them to this page, with the latest addition at the top.

It’s one place you can check and circulate to your team.

Here’s the good stuff…

Add broadcast coverage

You can now upload MP4, MOV and WMV video files and we’ll embed the video in your report for you.

Audio coverage

We also handle MP3s now so add in your podcast, radio, voice notes, social audio mentions.

Custom Slides…go beyond the coverage

Go beyond just the coverage. Showcase activity, campaign images etc. Add custom slides to tell the full story of your work. This is great for pitch or objective reminders or graphs from your own evaluation.

Upload PDF files as coverage

When you’re looking to add coverage that’s already saved as a PDF. We’ll make it simple to get it into your report.