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The webinar series that will super-charge your PR team, all in one place

We all need to learn more but scheduling an hour out of a busy day for a webinar is a challenge. Especially when you’re mid-campaign.

I personally like my webinars to be on-demand, I know some of you do too so here it is; all of my PR webinars past, present and scheduled in one post.

‘5 ways to improve your media monitoring pick up’

Webinar recording covers:

  • How to choose the right tool
  • Select the right search terms
  • Collect & record mentions in the quickest way
  • Keep your clip data clean for the best measurement

Webinar originally went out live on Thursday, June 7th 2018. This is a recording.

‘How to set PR KPIs that will improve results & skills’

Webinar recording covers:

  • Metrics to use for PR success
  • How to set targets that will improve team skills
  • When to increase metric targets and by how much
  • How to draw insights from your CoverageBook account

Webinar originally went out live on Monday, Jan 8th 2018. This is a recording.

‘A guide to SEO in PR’

Webinar recording covers:

  • What Search Engine Optimisation is
  • Why URL links in PR coverage affect SEO
  • How SEO compares to Paid Search
  • How PR can report on SEO

Webinar originally went out live on Feb 23rd, 2018. This is a recording.

‘Dirty data will kill your PR results’

Webinar recording covers:

  • What dirty data is & how to clean it
  • How to organise your tracker
  • How to uncover golden insights
  • How to use excel & tools to save you time

Webinar originally went out live on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018. This is a recording.

PRSA guest webinar: ‘5 ways to protect and grow your PR budget in a digital comms playground’

Webinar recording covers:

  • Understand which tools will give your idea the digital edge
  • Show how to use new metrics to demonstrate reach
  • Demonstrate how to prove your target audience took action
  • Understand how your PR campaign impacts Google
  • How to prove true financial ROI

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Mention guest webinar: ‘How to use data to give your communications a makeover’

Webinar recording covers:

  • Measuring the right activities and results
  • How to mix qualitative and quantitative data
  • Report on campaign coverage
  • How to impress key stakeholders
  • Presenting business impact
  • How to implement your newfound insights

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About your host…

That’s me, Stella Bayles. I’m a director of PR measurement tool CoverageBook.com and author of ‘PRs Digital Resolution’. An ebook on the digital future of public relations.

Prior to working in PR tech I spent 14 years in digital PR and specialised in SEO-PR for major European brands. My approach led to multiple award wins and increased a past agency revenue by 85%.

Please get in touch with any questions.