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The Domain Authority score will be updated on March 5th, 2019

CoverageBook reports include a metric called Domain Authority.

Domain Authority (or DA) is a calculation provided by 3rd party organisation Moz. It’s an indication of the influence of a website in search engines. The score is out of 100 with 100 being the most influential.

We include the Moz score within CoverageBook for a number of reasons including;

  • Helps gauge if your coverage will appear in Google results and gain additional exposure
  • Good alternative to site traffic when comparing the influence of media targets
  • How much SEO value a link included in your coverage might pass onto owned content

The Domain Authority score is used throughout the marketing industry. It’s an essential day-to-day metric for Search marketing teams to watch the strength of their owned websites grow in comparison to competitor sites. In more recent years it has become a very useful influence score for PR teams when planning media targets or measuring the success of coverage.

On March 5th, 2019 the way the score is calculated will be updated. This will the first major update to Domain Authority in years. Moz has always been very thorough in the way they work out the score (more on that here) however they felt it was time to make a few adjustments to best correspond with advances in search engine algorithms.

What’s changing, and why?

The new Domain Authority score incorporates link quality patterns into a machine-learned model to keep pace with the ever-changing Google algorithm. This means that Moz will consider the links going into websites in greater detail and ensuring they are genuine and not spam.

For example, if blogs are a key target for you and a blogger you work with has been working hard to promote and grow their blog. That should result in the blog being more influential in Google results and having a greater DA score.

How could this affect your reports?

Any reports you make from now will look exactly the same you can just be reassured that the DA score will be the most accurate gauge of influence it has ever been.

From March 5th, 2019, you may also see some fluctuation in the DA scores when you compare the score to past clips in the ‘Insights’ section.

Do you need to update clients or stakeholders?

Probably not, but you can be reassured that the metric is more reliable and you can mention that next time you need to highlight the metric.

If however, you would like to learn more about this Moz has a whole resource area gearing up DA 2.0 switch on March 5th and you can access that here.