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New in CoverageBook: Quality of cropped images are way….way better now.

So it turns out the “crop” feature is one of the most used areas of the tool.
But the quality of the re-sized cropped images was to put it mildly. Pretty shit. So we’ve been working hard to fix this. And the changes are live from today.

The results are reminiscent of my long put off first trip to the optician. Things were blurry for a while. Quite a while. But then the glasses went on and the world was crystal clear again.

So. Glasses off version.

i.e. how a cropped section of a page would of looked this morning. In other words. Blurry.

And live as of now. With fancy pants Glasses on.

Ahhhh. Now I can see.

We hope you enjoy the new level of clarity.

Written by —
Gary Preston

Gary Preston

CEO & Founder of CoverageBook