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New higher limits for CoverageBook Silver & Gold paid plans

As of September 2017 we’ve significantly raised the coverage credit quotas on both our Silver & Gold plans (see https://coveragebook.com/pricing)

Which means you’ll be able to capture, measure & report-on more of your hard won PR coverage. And save so much time in the process!

What’s changed?
Prices of the plans have remained the same. But the monthly quota of each plan has gone up. By quite a lot.

e.g. You can now add up to 10,000 clips per month (vs 1500 before) on our Gold plan.

Before the change:


If you’re a customer and have questions about the change don’t hesitate to get in touch. The new limits will automatically kick in on your plans on your next renewal.

If you’re not a CoverageBook customer and the new higher limits look enough to cover your agency or in-house team reporting needs start a free trial now >

Written by —
Gary Preston

Gary Preston

CEO & Founder of CoverageBook