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New Feature: Import hyperlinks as online coverage.

“I love how simple it is to just paste in URLs in CoverageBook to make a report. But! All the links in my excel sheet are hyperlinks. Not raw URLs that you need?! Help me!”

Many of our customers start using CoverageBook.com by importing links from their excel based PR coverage trackers. They are client facing documents so the outlet title or the headline of the article is used as a hyperlink to the coverage. All pretty obvious.

So when you come to add online coverage to CoverageBook it can be a little frustrating as the input box does not accept Hyperlinks! Only full URLs. Which means you need to get to the URL of each item yourself manually.

That’s pretty annoying. So we’ve made a tool to convert hyperlinks into raw URLs for you. http://coveragebot.com/linkextractor

To use simply copy and paste hyperlinks from your document into the top box. It will convert these links to URLs for you in the box below.

You can then copy the converted URLs and paste into CoverageBook.

Written by —
Gary Preston

Gary Preston

CEO & Founder of CoverageBook