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New eBook: Making sense of data analysis in PR

Brand planning, key messaging, creative ideas, year reviews, pitches…..There’s so much to do as a PR practitioner. Understanding data and learning more about analysis is often at the bottom of the list.

But what if I told that those topics could make 2017 your most successful yet?

There is a wealth of insight in your past PR campaigns and coverage results. From influencer metrics to coverage data, your team is sitting on a goldmine of information that will improve performance.

Looking back at past campaigns and analysing metrics can build stronger strategies and develop realistic and powerful KPIs. So what are you waiting for?

PR analysis can be tricky to navigate. We talk about data but do we understand it? That’s where we come in.

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PRetrospective: Making sense of data analysis in PR

By the end of the book you’ll be a pro. You will understand why analysis is important in PR.

In four short chapters you will:

  • Understand how PR analysis can be easy
  • Learn how to generate new metrics such as estimated coverage views
  • Improve your media hit rate
  • Learn how to prioritise your targets by new online measurement metrics
  • Set KPIs that will improve team skills and positively impact business results
  • Set KPIs that will generate your best campaign yet

It worked for David Sawyer at Zude PR….

“Stop sending me these ridiculously useful notes: Seriously, thanks, redoing KPIs for an organisation at the moment so v. useful.”

David Sawyer | Zude PR

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