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“I was looking to save time in reporting and found a way to report on SEO from our PR coverage”

More PR teams than ever understand the relationship between PR and SEO and are now looking for ways to talk to clients about it.

We caught up with director and founder of Radioactive PR, Rich Leigh, to find out how they do it.

“Recently, many of our PR briefs have an element of SEO. 

We need to report on the strength of the sites we get coverage on and demonstrate when we secure a link back to client content in the coverage. 

I was originally looking for a way to save time on reporting and a low-cost monitoring tool that could collate clips and include an SEO score and then I came across CoverageBook.

I used the free trial of CoverageBook and realised that although it wasn’t a monitoring tool it took care of my need of collating multiple coverage and SEO metrics. This was perfect for new SEO-PR briefs we had been receiving. 

To solve my monitoring issue, I tested using Google alerts for monitoring coverage and it worked – it worked just as well as a paid service and it was free! We could quickly paste the URL links of the coverage straight from Google and into CoverageBook to make reports.

Our new process using CoverageBook answered our needs in reporting on PR and SEO for clients. 

We have now been tracking ‘average domain authority’ for all of our clients over and can see the increase of visibility on Google for them because of our work. 

We’ve also used these results in pitches and it’s helped us win new projects and clients. It’s an impressive metric in Public Relations right now!

If you would to hear more from Rich and his team’s work at Radioactive PR, speak to Rich on Twitter.

If you would like to see how many links you achieved in your PR coverage and what the average Domain Authority was for your last campaign, create a free report in CoverageBook today.