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How to measure social coverage in 2022

There are now multiple metrics available as a way to measure PR coverage on social platforms, but which should take priority and how do you compare and analyse alongside media coverage?

CoverageBook co-founder, Stella Bayles was joined by coverage analysis expert, AMEC member and founder of Experienced Media Analysts, Steph Bridgeman to find out.

This webinar recording explores

  • the latest trends in social reporting
  • how to monitor and capture social coverage
  • what the key factors of measuring sentiment are
  • how the ‘estimated views’ metric in CoverageBook can be used to in evaluation
  • how ‘estimated views’ metric in CoverageBook can help calculate financial ROI

Here is the recording of the session.

The full slide deck for reference.

Do you track views of social posts?

How do you evaluate your social coverage?

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