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CoverageBook — Join our team

We’re looking for a Customer Success Representative to join our team in Brighton, UK and take ownership of Customer Support. You’ll be the 7th person on our team. We’ve not hired despite our growth to 1500 customers in 3 years. So this is a big move for us & you.

We take the online support of our customers seriously so you’ll work alongside the team to deliver the very best experience. You will share support duties alongside the founder & makers of the tool. The standard is high.

If you’re a people person, have bags of initiative, an interest in Public Relations, and thrive on learning, then Support at CoverageBook is for you.

You’ll be onboarding, educating, and supporting our customers throughout their journey with us. From consideration through to daily use of the product we aim to make our customers happy through a great user experience.

You’ll be responsible for answering product questions, analysing trends in issues and working with the product and success teams to solve the issues through product design and educational content.

We provide prompt and high-quality communication to our customers and we’re looking for someone to lead that high standard with a smile. Or sometimes on rare occasions a private grimace. We’re only human.

Our customers have varying levels of technical ability so we’re looking for somebody that can be flexible in their response. With the ultimate goal of ensuring they get the most from the tool.

You have to be an excellent writer who enjoys writing. Our customers love when we get back to them with a clear, concise, and friendly answer. Great writing is key.

What You’ll Do

You’ll work direct with some of the most interesting and creative PR teams in the world and help them be a success in their roles with the use of CoverageBook.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Communicating efficiently and effectively with our customers through Intercom
  • Answering in the region of 50 messages per day (once you’re fully up to speed)
  • Owning customer communications and issues from initial contact until resolution
  • Becoming an encyclopedia of knowledge about how CoverageBook fits in the PR measurement workflow
  • Influencing the direction of CoverageBook, the product
  • Being the main person responsible in ensuring all customers have a great experience with the product — a crucial part of the role is ensuring we make the product as easy to use, reliable, bug-free, and fast as possible
  • Working alongside the Success team on educational content including FAQs, product videos, demonstration webinars
  • Tracking customer success data and reporting back to the team in Retrospective meetings

We built CoverageBook because we genuinely want to help others. We’re not in the tech game for a quick sale. We experienced a problem in PR reporting and built technology to solve it. And we now try and help as many people as possible with the same problem (Read more from our founder Gary).

Are you a problem solver that loves to help others? Then you may just be the seventh member of the CoverageBook team…

What skills do you need?

  • Previous experience in a troubleshooting environment
  • Marketing or PR experience or an interest in the creative industry
  • Great problem solving abilities
  • Passion for talking to customers every day
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • The ability to explain complex topics in easy to understand and concise way
  • Ambition and eagerness to learn and improve skills
  • Fun and a great sense of humour 😉

Bonus skills & attributes

Experience in the Public Relations industry and a keen interest in measurement


Apply now >

CoverageBook Customer Support Application Formcoveragebook.typeform.com

Part time/full time options considered

Salary £25k-40k dependent on experience

The salary will be based on the experience of the RIGHT person. There is a big opportunity to grow with the CoverageBook business. We’re looking for somebody with initiative who can see both the app and their own growth path. We can’t wait to hear from you.

CoverageBook was founded in late 2014 and is based in Brighton, UK. Born out from the simple idea that there must be a better way to do PR coverage reporting, using technology.

The tool started life as a side project from our day jobs at the marketing agency Propellernet. We dreamt of building our own software business. So, 6 of us left agency work and committed to the cause full time.

Three years on and we have over 1,500 PR organisations across 42 countries that have switched their reporting process to CoverageBook. Here’s what customers say about using the tool.

Written by —
Gary Preston

Gary Preston

CEO & Founder of CoverageBook