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Chrome extensions to make your life better

Here at coveragebook.com we spend hours working out how to save you hours of boring admin work, allowing you to crack on with the exciting aspects of PR.

In this quest we’ve recently created the ‘Coverage Book Clipper’ Chrome extension, enabling you to avoid the faff of constantly copying and pasting your coverage URLS and images ready to be imported into coveragebook.com.

Take a look at how it works here:

It also helps you take your own screen-shots in case you need to input your own into a report.

If you’ve not heard of Chrome extensions, they are tools, easily added to your Chrome browser. You can browse them here at the official app store

While this is the first extension designed specifically for PRs, Chrome extensions have been making people’s lives easier for years. So while you’re installing the coveragebook.com extension here’s other Chrome tools you may want to also consider.


PRs practically own Pinterest and they are great mood boards to kick start creative ideas. Often you’ll stumble inspiration when you least expect it, and usually when you are working on something else. This add-on allows you to save the page with minimal interruption to your workflow. Once added, whenever you see a creative idea you love, just click on the Pinterest logo when you find a page you want to save. You’ll be able to pin that page to the relevant board without getting sidetracked from your original work flow.

Download the Pinterest extension here


This extension helps you make sure you spot any typos when writing on the web. So you can be alerted to those embarrassing typos when updating your client’s facebook page, Twitter or blog before you hit ‘live’. The tool underlines words which could be wrong with red if it looks like a spelling error or green if it looks like a grammar issue. While it is never going to replace a human proof read, it helps little mistakes slipping through.

Download the Grammarly extension here


Sidekick is a little bit of a sneaky one but can be good for those crucial sell-ins. It allows you to see when people open emails, how often they have returned to read it since, even where they were when they opened it or what links they clicked in it too! While it’s not going to remarkably change your sell-ins, it does help you know that if someone has opened and re-read the email a few times, they are number one on your follow up list as your story has definitely caught their eye.

Download the Sidekick extension here

Now, go forth, install and hopefully you’ll save enough time to make happy hour today ; )

Originally published at coveragebook.com.