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3 Powerful Ways To Use The CoverageBook Vault For Your Campaign Planning

“That is so awesome. I didn’t even know this Coverage Vault feature existed and I’ve been a customer for years!”

No exaggeration. That’s the third comment from recent customer training calls where they had no idea there was this in-built coverage tracker feature as part of CoverageBook.  They had no clue it existed! But loved the potential of it when they got to play.

The Vault feature is clearly a CoverageBook hidden gem. But we’ve been terrible at telling you about it!

Let’s change that and start with the basics. Introducing the Vault….

Did you know that every time you add coverage and make a report in CoverageBook, we also keep a searchable record of all that coverage and data in your own supercharged centralised tracker? We call this the Coverage Vault. Any coverage added here can be reused and added to new books, and this doesn’t use up any of your coverage allowance. Pretty sweet, right?

Need to find out which coverage has been shared the most on social media? Check the Vault. Curious about your top publications? The Vault has the answer. Setting outcome objectives for your next campaign? Yes, the Vault can help with that too.

In my training sessions, I often teach how the Vault can help you plan campaigns. Here are my top 3 tips.

1. During Idea Generation

Do you learn from your past success? Do you know what your most viral campaign has been? Are there any recurring story themes that worked best for your brand or client? The Vault is perfect for answering these questions so you can build on them during brainstorming sessions for your next story.

Here, I suggest going to the Vault and using the search functions on the left-hand side to filter by similar clients or brands. Depending on how your account is set up, you can do this by refining by folders or books.

Next, sort your coverage by engagements. I recommend engagements over views or audience because if people share or comment on your coverage, you’ve moved them to action! Throw them into a new book (it won’t use any credits), and it’s ready to analyse:

Check out which angles had the most engagements.

  • What do they have in common?
  • Are there publications or influencers whose posts get more engagement?
  • What are they doing differently?
  • Should you focus more on them for your next campaign?

2. When selling the idea to your client and setting expectations

The Vault is invaluable when selling your campaign idea to a client and setting expectations. Ask:

  • What similar campaigns have we run?
  • What results did they have?

Can you use that to benchmark ‘expected’ results for this one?

This not only brings your idea more to life by seeing screengrabs of similar content but also helps manage your client’s expectations 😉

Rather than using an existing book and having to explain that you would have more/less time/budget/resources or focus more/less on different media types, you can use the Vault to build a better ‘example’ book that not only looks great but also measures those all-important metrics.

Again, use the filters down the left-hand side to refine your coverage and keep adding the relevant pieces to a new book.

3. When Creating Media Lists

The Vault is a great starting point for creating comprehensive media lists. It can show you the publications and influencers that have covered similar stories from you and how well they were received on social channels.

You’ll need to create a book about these similar stories. Then, if you export that book as a CSV, we’ll pull all the details about each publication or influencer (from descriptions about them to their wider audience or follower count) that you can then build on with additional targets.

You’ll find the CSV export button in the share options of your book:

And that’s just the start. The Vault can also help create campaign summaries, merge reports, create single share links and more. Read more about what you can do in the Vault here.

Check it out; I’d love to know if you find any gems. And if there is anything else you’d like to see in the Vault – you can let me know at [email protected].

Written by —
Laura Joint

Laura Joint

Laura is a Director at CoverageBook. She writes and helps PR teams succeed in the reporting of their hard work.