Episode 34

The PR powerhouse on every tech founders (& investors!) wish list

with Donna Loughlin Michaels

About this episode

In this episode I interview Donna Loughlin, she is the founder & owner of PR firm LMGPR and host of podcast ‘Before It Happened. 

Having started journalism at just 10 years old; helping at a local newspaper network that her family managed, Donna progressed & became a global journalist for Reuters and the BBC.

It was when she was reporting in the Valley during the .com boom that Donna swapped sides to PR and started to stories on behalf of tech start ups.

Her experience of launching new tech to market, building founders and business reputation and eventually then taking them out through their initial public offering (IPO) gained the attention of the whole industry..

At her busiest she did 5 IPOs back to back in a, in a six year period…You can see why Donna is on the wish list of most venture capitalists launch plans!

As well as perfecting launch strategies, over the years Donna met and worked with some of the world’s greatest innovators which led her to her to create her podcast ‘before it happened’ where she gets behind the scenes of the creators and finds out what really led to their moment of problem solving through tech…

This conversation is a fascinating timeline to our ever changing tech world and the importance of PR and storytelling those changes.