Episode 40

How Music Grows Brands

with Joe Belliotti and Rebecca Jolly

About this episode

In this episode I delve into the power of music; how it shapes cultures, grows brands and can drive business.

I’m interviewing two people who’s deep understanding of music & culture has led them to work on brand partnership deals that have built reputation and grow businesses.

I’m joined by ex-Head of Global Music at Coca-Cola, Joe Belliotti and Rebecca Jolly who is a global business consultant focused on growing business through culture.

Former MD at Mixmag and now MD at new generation media company Woo from ITV, Rebecca has extensive music media experience and has teamed up with music brand partnership expert Joe Belliotti on new book ‘How Music Grows Brands’.

Its the first of its kind and is already an Amazon Best Seller, the book helps PR and marketing teams bring music into strategies and connect with audiences in a way that will drive business. It also helps all parties in the partnership navigate the modern music industry so artist, label, brand and media all benefit.

Our interview covers; How having music as part of your brand strategy is measurable, the difference music can make to a brand’s reputation and and how to navigate shared objectives.

Whether you’re in an agency, a brand team, label side or artist, I’m confident this episode will be hugely helpful.

Watch the interview here