Episode 45

How Crime Journalism led to a Leading UK Charity PR Newsroom

with Martin McGlown

About this episode

Stella is joined by Martin McGlown who was once a crime journalist at the London Evening Standard newspaper and went to head-up media relations at the world’s leading cancer charity; Cancer Research UK.

They discuss the moment Martin made his career-defining decision and why he and the charity have never looked back.

They look at changing media landscape and how Martin’s journalism background and skills shaped the way his team now operates just like a newsroom.

Martin shares the Cancer Research UK overall objective and how that flows into his team’s strategy and KPIs.

He also talks about the importance of budget scrutiny in the charity sector and the work his team does in-house in order to make the most of the donations made to Cancer Research

Martin also shares some of their memorable campaigns that PR delivers so well; educating and raising awareness of prevention and treatments to help people live longer and better lives. And ultimately Beat Cancer.