Episode 41

Coverage to Capital

with Richard Bagnall and Darryl Sparey

About this episode

In this episode I interview PR measurement experts, Richard Bagnall and Darryl Sparey on their latest joint research that explores the effects PR has on attracting investors and gain funding for tech start-ups.

We delve into the research results including the types of business that see this success, the PR approach needed to gain similar results and specifically how important a CEO or founder can be in the process.

This conversation is fascinating, not just because of the correlation the research found between PR and financial funding but because both Darryl and Richard have so much experience in this area of PR work (b2b and reputation) and importantly how to measure it.

Darryl is the MD and Co-Founder of performance-driven marketing and comms consultancy, Hard Numbers.

Richard is the co-managing partner of evaluation firm CARMA. He’s been awarded CIPR President’s medal for his service to PR, he won the AMEC Don Bartholomew Award and of course was also the chair of AMEC between 2016-2022 too.

Together they share wisdom and practical advice from their own experiences throughout the interview.

We cover;

  • How they researched 64 startup unicorn businesses & analysed over 65,000 pieces of coverage
  • We look at the sectors that have the most potential for funding
  • Darryl shares tips on how best to work with busy senior leaders & why a ‘Get to text’ approach is best
  • I challenge correlation vs causation in the results and Richard shares brilliant wisdom in how we can all apply these lessons to our own measurement plans.

Watch the video interview with subtitles here: