Episode 39

Confidence in data: Behind the scenes at H+K Strategies

with Allison Spray & James Crawford

About this episode

This episode lifts the lid on data literacy in one of there world’s most well-known agencies; H&K Strategies.

I interview global head of data and analytics – Allison Spray alongside PR Agency One MD James Crawford.

James and I co-wrote two chapters in a recent paper; ‘Data literacy in PR’. We looked at how to use tech to build confidence in data as well as a chapter on how to build a ‘data culture’ in your team. It was the latter chapter that Allison Spray’s team at H&K was noted as a great example of hiring in data expertise alongside training PR practitioners.

In this interview, we go behind the scenes and get into the detail.

  • I find out how Allison has increased confidence in data across all H&K teams
  • We reveal the data team’s interesting recruitment process and the mix of skills and sector-specific backgrounds Allison looks for.
  • Allison and James share how they work with clients to gain the data and tech they need upfront
  • Allison also shares tips on how to get started, whether you’re a small team looking to up-skill or planning to to build a data team within an agency

Since the H&K data and analytics team has developed and established the agency has won the most amount of awards ever in a year. Coincidence? or does increasing PR confidence in data work? I’ll let you decide…

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