Episode 38

Brands and fans in sport & entertainment in 2023

with Amar Singh

About this episode

In this episode I interview Amar Singh, ex-Evening Standard journalist turned content and digital marketing expert in sport and entertainment.

Former ‘head of global football content’ at Budweiser and ‘head of content’ at West Ham United, Amar has helped grow audiences across multiple platforms by truly understanding fans and creating content strategies that resonate.

Now at MKTG as Vice President of content and communications, Amar and his team are experts at understanding audiences on a deeper level and on a large global scale.

In our chat we explore the latest MKTG research ‘modern fan decoded’ and how a change in fan behaviour in the last few years has changed the sport and entertainment industry…

We look fans that are more receptive to brand engagement, and ask why the younger generation are demanding more; not just in their experience but how they expect brands to operate and do better in the world too.

This interview is full of wisdom and practical tips on collecting insight and measuring human behaviour.

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Download and read the report we discuss ‘decoding the global fan’ here.