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Public Relations’ Digital Resolution

Your guide to a brighter PR future and bigger budgets
by Stella Bayles

An introduction to SEO in Public Relations; A step-by-step guide to an integrated strategy, measurement, and how to win SEO-PR budgets.

We want to encourage learning during this difficult time of COVID-19 ‘lock-down’. So, we’re giving this book away for free for a limited time period.

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Consumer Insight in the age of Google book cover

Consumer Insight in the Age of Google

by Sophie Coley

‘Consumer Insight in the age of Google’ will teach you how to use search data to read the mind of consumers. You'll learn how to get the most out of tools like AnswerThePublic to plan content, gather audience insight, develop your brand, inform product development or to generate creative campaigns.

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PRs Digital Resolution book cover


Making sense of data analysis in Public Relations
by Stella Bayles

In four short chapters you will: understand how PR analysis can be easy, learn how to generate new metrics such as estimated coverage views, improve your media hit rate, learn how to prioritise your targets, set KPIs that will improve team skills, impact business results, and generate your best campaign yet.

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