About us

The PR Resolution explores emerging areas in Public Relations to help share knowledge and push the industry forward.

It’s led by me, Stella Bayles and the team at CoverageBook, a PR reporting tool. We’re also the same crew behind the insight app, AnswerThePublic and the free Google analytics PR tool, AnswerTheClient. (read more about those tools below)

Drawing on our own experience of working in digital marketing and with the help of experts, we explore new techniques, technologies, and digital strategies. We explain the detail and dispel any myths, all in plain language.

This is a jargon-free zone!

We aim to arm you with enough information to be knowledgeable enough to discuss the topic but without boring you, and ultimately put you in a strong position to find out more if you wish to.

On this site, you’ll find hundreds of valuable blog posts with explanations and how-tos. You can catch up on Stella’s expert interviews on the PR Resolution podcast, purchase and download books and find out what events we’ll be attending and where I’m speaking at next.

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