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Metrics can transform PR teams: Domain Authority

Domain Authority. You may have seen this metric in your reports or heard us mention in our communication to you. Did you think..

Domain who?!

I’m not talking rubbish. Domain Authority (DA) is a real metric and many PR professionals are beginning to track their PR coverage DAs to measure and learn.

So what is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a score provided by the trusted 3rd party service Moz.com. It represents a view on how a search engine like Google views and trusts a website.

If your online coverage contains a link back to your website then that is going to transfer some Search Engine authority and credibility.

Endorsement and recommendation is one of the major factors in how Google decides where to send millions of people every day which equates to millions of pounds for brands.

If you get coverage with links back you should definitely be taking some credit or increases in organic search positions & revenue for your client!

You will gain a great deal of insight just by beginning track your PR coverage Domain Authority score.

Here’s an example;

A PR team using CoverageBook.com recently analysed their coverage in the new ‘my coverage’ view. They had been securing articles on sites that all had a Domain Authority (DA) score of 40 or above. They hadn’t noticed this previously as it wasn’t a metric that their client requested.

After watching this video on what the DA score means they decided to dig a little deeper. They also noticed that many pieces of their coverage also included URL links back to their client’s site. In addition, a member of the team had read my ebook PRs Digital Resolution (shameless plug I know…) so had a good idea the DA score and links could be having a positive effect to their client’s site.

After a discussion with their client’s internal SEO team they were pleased to find out that their 470 pieces of coverage over the last six months had contributed to a big increase in visibility on Google which led to a 30% increase in Google traffic to the website and that in turn increased revenue by 25%.

After seeing the impact gaining coverage on high DA sites can have, the PR team have now made changes to their target media lists by re-prioritising top influencers — all by their domain authority score.

They have also set up pitch training from the editorial teams at the high DA websites and set an internal KPI to achieve coverage on sites with a DA of 50 or over on all campaigns.

There you are. One example of how your metrics can transform your team.

Originally published at coveragebook.com.