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Juicy free PR Coverage Tracking: cooking time 3 mins

Today we’ll be cooking a delicious IFTTT Recipe with a dash of sweet Google Alerts.

You know Google Alerts is a great free way to keep on top of your online coverage. Especially when you can’t afford one of those fancy paid tracking tools.

But copying & pasting email alerts into a spreadsheet coverage tracker is mind numbingly dull.

With IFTTT Short for “If This Then That,” you can build a “recipe” to automate boring tasks like copying those alerts into a google spreadsheet.

Just like my Nan’s special trifle the beauty of IFTTT “recipes” is that they can be shared. I’m not sharing the trifle recipe but I’ll share this tasty PR Hack.

Ingredients & Method:

  1. Take One shiny Google Drive account (its free) — https://www.google.co.uk/drive/
  2. Sign up for a Google Alert and ask for it to be delivered to RSS (instead of your email) — https://www.google.co.uk/alerts
  3. Mix in one ready made IFTTT recipe baked with my fair hands.

Now don’t just slop your coverage on a plate. Its all in the presentation. Break the mould, be like Noma and serve up your coverage using coveragebook.com. Sit back and smile at your new found genius.

Written by —
Gary Preston

Gary Preston

CEO & Founder of CoverageBook & AnswerThePublic