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40 PR tools & tips that will super-charge your career

1. Commentary not required..

Automated insight from excel spreadsheets? The new tool ‘Automated Insights’ could be a game-changer for our future PR work-flows. That’s an hour back a week for creative!

2. Brain gems for decision-makers

We’ve been hanging out with the super smart guys behind this. They distill the latest behavioural economics & consumer psychology research down into helpful little brain gems.

3. Swarmwise eBook: Building a community. How about a movement?

Some amazing practical lessons here from the Swedish Pirate Party

4. Secure coverage on the biggest publisher

Watch our video to find out how to make your PR coverage more visible on Google.

5. We love ‘Small PDF’

Use this tool to take any PDF and make it editable in powerpoint. You can even convert it back to PDF. Very cool.

6. Big coverage using the power of free text

72Point’s Jess Macdonald shares tips on how to gain more news coverage using surveys in a new way.

7. Free tool: visualise multi-channel reports in Google Analytics

Is anybody else confused by multi-channel reports in Google Analytics? We stumbled across this free tool that might just help.

8. The seeker is waiting: go answerthepublic.com

We’ve given a face-lift to our free keyword insight tool. If you try it & can’t get at least 1 good content idea for your next campaign I’ll cry.

9. What is Inbound & why should PR pros care?

Iliyana Stareva shares 17 reasons why everyone in PR should take an inbound approach.

10. PR planning for 2016?

This trends tool will help build out your campaign content & influencer insight in seconds.

11. 2 min video on Remote Working vs The Office.

Watch this 2 min “gangsta rap inspired” video on the subject. We’re in it! You too could look cool working in a field. Or you could read the book that inspired our journey. Yes. Just do that. — http://37signals.com/remote

12. Prove audience action for free

Sure, we’ve all heard of Google Trends and how it’s amazing for insight but what if we could use it in a different way for PR measurement?

13. Measuring coverage success 

We’re all given so many measurement metrics it’s tricky to work out what it all tells us. We’ve kicked off a new video series explaining just that. Starting with Coveragebook.com metrics — in the snow!

14. Will ad-blocking bring more competition to PR?

20 content marketing experts explore online developments that could see more marketers than ever turn to editorial content next year.

15. How to share your best coverage on LinkedIn

Was your campaign nominated for a PRWeek award? Show off your coverage using this SlideShare hack now!

16. Email tracking, remote working & gamification sell ins

Could this be the PR team of the future? We interviewed the Neoman comms team to find out the secrets behind their success. The first in our new series ‘Inside Innovation’.

17. Read this. Feel guilty. Learn. Manager Schedules Vs Maker Schedules.

Ask yourself; Are all of your meetings today really necessary? They could be holding you back.

18. PR is fast paced but does that help your productivity?

Read Derek Sivers’ post to find out and see what else you could open yourself up to!

19. Stop posting sh*t on the internet

Wadds latest Slideshare explore brand social strategy and why we should remember that the internet is a conversation.

20. New digital opportunities for PR will arise through collaboration

This is the advice from Ron Young, founder of tool Shocase. He’s talking about the same topic the PRSA International conference this weekend in Atlanta. Say hi if you’re there!

21. PR pros don’t need to know about SEO

Or do they? Read Zude PR’s David Sawyer’s excellent post and make up your mind (Read 4 mins)

22.Two secret weapons every digital PR practitioner needs

Neoman’s Gisele Navarro shares the tools that’s helped her team gain a 34% coverage secure rate

23. Download #prStack now

Don’t miss your free copy of the latest #prStack ebook. 30 academics, practitioners, students and vendors have produced an incredible guide of 48 PR tools

24. Know a PR a student? They might like this…

We’re giving away a free copy of ‘PRs Digital Resolution’ ebook to all students. Just grab the code at the end of the ‘behind the spin’ article.

25.Technology investment + human capital = The virtuous PR circle

Leta Soza, the director of PR engineering and operations at AirPR in California shares the key stages of PR measurement. We love this advice!

26. PR has changed. 2015 has been a year of learning & sharing

PR pros are trying new ways of working & the results are great. Are you FuturePRoofed?

27.Track sell in emails & collect coverage URLs in seconds

Our top four PR Chrome extensions to make your life easier. Including one we just made — disclaimer

28. Have you asked your clients why lately?

B2B content marketer Doug Kessler shares how to apply Simon Sinek’s TED Talk ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action’ and why you should be asking your clients questions.

29. Free-range Friday

Hyper Island’s John Barnes shares his inspiration to work free-range. His creativity is out of this world so we’re taking notes!

30. Inside innovation: a peek inside Ketchum’s Storyworks team

We step inside the world of the Storyworks team at Ketchum, London and find out how they’re adopting agile into their workflow.

31. Book: FuturePRoof your PR practice

Sarah Hall got 33 PR and marketing experts together to form the ultimate future guide for PR. I can wholeheartedly say — this is a PR must-read, especially chapter 19 ; ) Download for free now.

32. Be a ‘digital dinosaur’ or a ‘digital competent’ — it’s your choice

CIPR president candidate Andy Green shares how we can all choose to be a ‘digital dinosaur’ or a successful ‘digital competent’

33. PR coverage to sales in 6 steps

Watch our video and find out how to prove and measure true business impact in PR

34. human talent vs. machine in PR.

Frederik from Prezly shares 5 tips to power your PR using tech, tools & talent.

35. Generate more earned coverage with paid

Use paid media in PR and find out how it can help generate earned coverage. Stella shares her tips in this video.

36. 5 PR tools that in his words, crush It!

Reid Wegley, a PR and social media strategist based in Seattle shares his top tool tips

37. The hidden impact your press coverage has in search

PR, SEO and analytics expert Andrew Smith reveals the hidden impact your press coverage is having in Search results

38. Google rules on links in PR coverage

Stella Bayles is joined by digital marketing expert Rik Turner to explain when you need a followed and no-followed link in your PR coverage

39. The launch of Google News Lab.

We created a fast-track on the latest Google tools just for PR pros.

40. Read the minds of your target audience

Step-by-step tips on using google suggest & answerthepublic.com to read the minds of your target audience.

Phew…. super-charge now complete.